The Tech Stack That Powers My Productivity

The Tech Stack That Powers My Productivity

A non-exhaustive list of hardware and software I use to be more efficient in my day-to-day work.

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This list will be updated as I discover new tools or replace old ones.



  • VSCode

  • Warp

    A beautiful terminal that allows you to save and share your terminal sessions. I don't use many of its features. + ohmyzsh

  • HTTPie (the desktop version)

    Unlike Postman and Insomnia, you don't have to login and thy aren't trying to upsell you.

  • DevBox

    I bought it a while ago but don't think it's worth it for what it does.

  • Postico 2

    Much nicer than all the other know SQL clients (TablePlus is a good alternative too).

  • ChatGPT

    I use it everyday


  • Obsidian

    I use it sometimes a lot and sometimes not, but I make heavy use of tags to keep everything somewhat organized. (I only sync on my phone using iCloud and that takes foreveeeer but at least it's free)

  • Screen Studio

    I use it to record tutorials and presentations for the teams I work with.

  • Freedom

    Changed my life, I have a session that blocks all social media and apps from 8am to 6pm. And again from 11pm on. Cured my brain for the attention economy.

  • Sukha ❌

    Got a one year subscription a while ago but they only added gimmick features in the last years so I'm not renewing it. I'd recommend using Freedom instead.

  • Notion

    I use it for personal stuff but I only when Obsidian is lacking in some way.

  • Raycast

    I use it for clipboard history and to quickly open apps. Also have a bunch of plugins for instant translations with DeepL and talk to GPT.

  • ScriptKit

    I mostly use it for my blog to automate the process of dealing with images. Gotta find more use cases for it.

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