This things I teach my mentees

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What the best engineers do

  • the best engineers lift others up

  • The bad engineers make you feel small

    • They use complicated words
  • They are easy to understand and so is their code

  • They can explain themselves in simple terms and are happy to answer questions

    • They make sure people don't feel bad for asking (looks like stupid ) questions
  • you should always ask questions if you don’t understand even if it makes you feel dumb

    • Truth is you’re getting smarter faster and most people don’t dare to do it

Conqueer your fears

  • You shouldn’t be afraid of learning new things

    • If you're not scared every now and then you’re not learning
  • You should embrace and face the fear you feel when facing something hard and unknown

  • Worst engineers I know know one tech well and are scared to touch anything else

    • Same, they only know one way to do things and are scared to try new ways
  • you should always be candid about your feeling And how things are going in your team and how you feel you’re doing, even if you feel you’re not doing well

  • you will never know everything so you should learn to research and solve problems and not specific solutions

  • you’ll never lose money by changing company

  • You have nothing to lose by applying to new jobs

  • You should always openly discuss your salary with your teammates

Learn to talk about money

  • Recruiters will lie to you to get you in a company
    • Every company hiring is "growing" and the "team is so good" and whatnot

You just need one

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