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The old

Started in January 1, 2021 (over 3 years ago)

The goal was to give me a platform to share the things I do, the projects I've worked on, the blog posts or videos I appear in, or the endorsements I've received from my peers during my career. I've designed the website and my logo to play with the pink/blue duality, with different shades of each.


My goal was to keep the website clean and tidy while also interactive. That's why most elements move or reach to mouse hover to reach this "touch and feel" sensation. It also needed to be fully responsive and handle many different data structures. My top priorities were:

  • Design a cool logo that stands out.
  • Build a colorful website demonstrating what I can do on the web, while remaining easily browsable and interactive.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Good SEO and instant loading times.

Solution overview

The website uses Gastby to generate static HTML pages (SSG), the data is generated on build time by using ContentfulContentful's GraphQLGraphQL API, to host the data.

ContentfulContentful allows me to update assets and content on the fly: I'm hosting the website on Netlify and using Webhooks, the data is automatically downloaded and static pages built and deployed on each change from the GitHubGitHub repo or CMS.

Styling is done with styled-componentsStyled Components  and rebass, which provides a set of primitive components from which you can build from. I was happy to try styled-componentsStyled Components for the first time as it is pretty popular in the industry. I found it to be powerful yet very lengthy when you want to write a fully responsive and complex styling. It makes the number of components you write proliferate, and naming things becomes a real challenge.

Therefore, I've started migrating to Tailwind CSSTailwindCSS. It is a total blast to use, super-efficient in how much CSS is sent to the browser and helps keep the code much more colocated.

Feature Highlights

  • My own brand, my own color scheme 😁.
  • Animations for a "lively" feeling.
  • I can update assets and texts and trigger a new version on the fly by changing data in Contentful.
  • It gives a good overview of all the things I do. overview


In 2023, I've decided to move away from this tech stack:

  • Gatsby lost in popularity and its ecosystem is struggling to compete with the new sherrifs in town Next.js and Remix.
  • ContentfulContentful is a great CMS, but having to deal with an extra layer of abstraction (GraphQL) to get my data was a bit cumbersome. I've decided to move to using MDX files and generate the pages using Next.js and Contentlayer

More info on the devoted page for my new website: